There Are Many Reasons Why You Should Hire Remote Developers 

In the current state of affairs, the demand for remote developers has increased greatly; this can be attributed to the 44% increase in remote work experienced in the past five years. The tech industry has seen an upsurge in competition as all tech companies are looking to hire remote developers on the fly.   

With 16% of the world’s companies shifting to remote work, you can’t help but wonder what’s driving this increased demand for remote developers.                          

Challenges Faced in Hiring Remote Developers

Evaluation of Skills

All companies wish to hire only the best employees who can be valuable and resourceful assets; however, the oversaturation of remote developers has made it quite difficult to find such diamonds in the rough. Therefore, to recognize distinct and talented remote developers, employers have to evaluate the skills and expertise of numerous candidates.

This requires a number of factors to be assessed by employers, which include experience, set of skills, technical knowledge, and even interpersonal skills. The time taken for evaluation, paired with the sheer number of candidates that have to be assessed, makes this a prolonged process.

Legal Problems

There are a number of legal complications when it comes to hiring remote developers. These complications are in the form of employment contracts, taxes, insurance, and the protection of intellectual property.

Employers also have to make sure that the salaries being provided to these remote developers are in compliance with relevant regional standards.

Main Reasons You Should Hire Remote Developers

Reduced Employee Turnover

Numerous United States companies that provide remote employment opportunities have experienced a 25% reduction in employee turnover, as explained through research conducted by CodeSubmit. The main reason for this increase is due to the fact that remote employees can gain better work-life balance, which in turn increases job satisfaction.  

The heightened level of satisfaction thus reduces the likeliness of employees to leave their current job; this further translates into greater trust and loyalty towards the company.   

Higher Efficiency

Hiring remote developers has a subsequent impact on the overall efficiency of tech companies. For example, 91% of developers have displayed an increase in productivity, saying that they can complete more work-related tasks when employed remotely, as shown in a survey by Forbes. This increased efficiency can allow companies to gain better traction in their tech-related projects, enabling them to be more profitable.           

Better Communication

A substantial reason for hiring remote developers is that they can connect and engage with employers through communication. This communication is fueled by the advancing communication technologies which allow seamless contact and collaboration. In addition, communication benefits the company with increased engagement and awareness with relevant industries. This extends the company's reach and enhances the brand’s reputation through communicating and connecting with skilled professionals within the industry.                     


These important reasons and the ample benefits perceived within them are why tech companies have these remote developers in their crosshairs at all times.

This constant targeting will have these remote developers hired before you know it; act fast, or you’ll end up last! Contact Aspired and hire remote developers in the blink of an eye.